Frequently Asked Questions

Can the BikeNook™ be used indoors? 

Yes, the Bike ook™ is safe for both indoor use as well as covered sheds, garages and balconies and should not rust or leave marks. 

Does the BikeNook™ work with children’s bikes as well?

Yes. The BikeNook™ is designed to work with all types of bikes and sizes including mountain bikes, road bikes, racers, kids’ bikes, beach bikes and more. It can fit bikes with a 10 inches (25cm) wheel diameter or bigger. Kids' bikes with wheel size 10in (25cm) to 16in (41cm) need to be secured on the V Slot by the handlebars holder. For detailed instructions on how different size bikes are to be secured onto the BikeNook™ unit, please refer to the Assembly Instructions Manual

What size of tire does the BikeNook™ hold?

The width of “V” Track is 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) and should be capable of holding tires with various widths, from the smallest road tire to a large beach or fat boy tire.

Will the BikeNook™ work if the bicycle is attached with:

  • a parcel rack?
  • a half mud guard?
  • a full mud guard?

General: For the bike to be stored in a stable position, one needs 3 points for gripping the bike, see below.

  1. Parcel rack - One of the gripping points (i.e. “V” of the Upright) cannot be engaged.
  2. Half mudguard - The protruded section will prevent the wheel from engaging with the “V” in the Upright.
  3. Full mudguard - Although the guard can fit into the “V” of the Track, the connection of the mudguard to the bike is too flimsy, leading to instability when trying to store the bike. 

What is the Max Weight of the BikeNook™?

Because of the design of the BikeNook™ the weight of the bike is not a concern. Many varieties of bicycles can be used safely with the BikeNook™ with no concern. 

What are the dimensions of the BikeNook™ (assembled)?

  • Highest setting from the ground: 735 mm / 29 inches (76.5 cm / 30 inches total height)
  • Lowest setting from the ground:  595 mm / 23 inches (62.8 cm /24.5 inches total height)
  • Width is 56 cm / 22 inches; Depth 60 cm / 23.5 inches

What’s the BikeNook™ made of?

Powder coated steel tube, plastic material and screws.

What does the BikeNook™ come with?

The BikeNook™ comes unassembled with assembling tools and includes a Velcro strap to lock the front wheel in place.